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Senior Rep Program

The search is officially on for 2 Senior Reps for the 2016/2017 school year.  I had a blast working with my Reps last year, and with all of the other Seniors that they referred to me for sessions.  I am excited about offering this program again this year, and look forward to hearing from you – whether you are interested in being a Rep, or if you are interested in scheduling a session!

Here is some basic information on my Senior Rep Program:

  • I will be offering Senior Rep positions for 2 high school seniors who will graduate in 2017
  • Senior Reps must attend a high school in the Lehigh Valley; I will be looking for Senior Reps that attend 2 different schools
  • My Senior Reps will receive a discounted session, to be held in May or June of this year, and Senior Rep cards to hand out to their friends.
  • For each session booked through the Senior Rep, the Rep will get a cash incentive.
  • I am looking for Seniors who are outgoing and motivated, and have a strong presence/involvement in their high school and community
  • Senior Rep and his/her parent or guardian must be willing to sign a contract and agree to promote only Freckles & Dimples Photography

If you are interested, or know someone who is, please email me at frecklesdimplesphotos@yahoo.com

For samples of my work, please see the “teen spirit” gallery (link to the left!)


senior rep call to action

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